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Locals proudly refer to the 'Republic of Bohol' and the islanders are historically known for their staging of revolts against the Spanish , U.S and Japanese invaders of years gone by.

A relatively more recent addition to the mix of peoples that make up the Philippines , never the less remains have been found that date the first settlers to Prehistoric times. These first settlers were apparently adorned in heavy tattoos , used for both cosmetic reasons and during the many rituals.

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Bohol was first mentioned as part of the BLOOD COMPACT ( see places of interest) made between a Boholian Chieftain and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in the late 16th Century. The importance the Boholians give to this agreement is shown by the fact that it is still celebrated to this day.

Many revolts were instigated by the people of Bohol against the Spanish then later the Americans and Japanese. Some people say this reflects the proud and independent psyche of the people to this day.

The USA bought Bohol from the Spanish after the American - Spanish War to the discontent of the locals and resulted in many uprisings until as late as the 20th Century.

When during the 2nd world war the Japanese invaded Bohol briefly with the promise of liberating them from the Americans , the Boholians sided with the Japanese , later to change sides when they realised they were false promises. This culminated in a combined American - Boholian force liberating Bohol from the Japanese in 1945.
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These days tourism is the main industry in Bohol with its many natural wonders such as the Chocolate Hills ,its unique wildlife such as the Tarsier Monkey and its fantastic beaches and Dive sites.

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